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Private Jet Experience

My clients are my business and i always treat them with the loyalty and respect they deserve as without them I would be nothing.

I want my clients to feel like celebrities at every appointment because every person should receive the best possible experience no matter what their age, style or budget so I guarantee to provide the best possible service and leave them feeling FABULOUS!

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe the difference between a salon experience and the personalised, prestige experience of having your hair done at home.

The best way that I’ve found is comparing it to different classes of flying.

First of all you have economy. Which is basic and a cheaper option – and to be honest you get what you pay for. This are no frills and it just does the job.

Then you have business class. This is at a higher price and you get a lot of the extras included. But it’s still not first class.

In first class, it’s very personal and you get the prestige of being treated separately from the rest of the passengers – but the fact is… you are still on the same plane as everyone else on their schedule.

The private jet experience is all about YOU. You say when the plane flys. You get exclusive service and pampering and you don’t have to share the plane with anyone because you own the plane. The whole experience is about making you feel fabulous.

What I have created for you through my businesses is a private jet experience. So whether you are getting your hair done for everyday life or a special occasion, you’ll experience the best possible services that meet your personal requirements.

It’s all about making you feel fabulous.


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